At Salty Pets, we take pride in our packing of live Australian marine animals. All of our live fish, live coral and live invertebrate animals are individually packed into custom made bags with a general rule of 1/3 water and 2/3 oxygen. The bags are scrutinized for leaks or other defects that may compromise the integrity of the bag resulting in loss of water or oxygen.

For select species we will add activated carbon to the water to aid in filtration for long journeys. The animals are then placed into an airline approved styro-foam container which contains a water absorbent pad and a 100 micron liner to contain any leakages that may occur during transport.

For destinations with a longer transit time or colder/warmer temperatures, we will place the styro-foam container in a cardboard exterior for additional insulation. We have a reputation for zero DOA’s and focus a large amount of our time on packaging to ensure this reputation is upheld.