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At Salty Pets, we feel it is important to share our knowledge and information with members of the public and also aid beginners starting out in our industry to find the right information that will help them keep their home aquarium and its’ inhabitants in the best possible condition.
We are starting this blog in hope that it will inspire more people to get involved in the hobby and appreciate conservation, sustainability and all that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.


Discovering the Wonders of Echinoderms: A Diverse Group of marine invertebrates

July 3, 2022
Echinoderms: A Phylum with over 7,000 Species Found in Every Ocean This literally means ‘Spiny Skin’ and the name belongs to a massive phylum (group) of animals with more than 7,000 species spread across many classes of critters such as the sea stars, urchins and sea cucumbers.Echinoderms live in every ocean, at all depths, from […]
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The Intriguing World of Nudibranchs molluscs: Highly Evolved Marine Gastropods

July 3, 2022
This massive group of marine Gastropods consists of almost 2,500 individual species that inhabit all oceans and seas from tropical to temperate to Arctic and Antarctic waters. The Bare Essentials: A Closer Look at Nudibranch The name Nudibranch refers to ‘naked gills’ as Nudibranchs have their gills exposed on their backs. Each species of these […]
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Bubbly Trouble: The Scoop on Bubble Algae

June 14, 2022
DON’T BURST YOUR BUBBLES… The bubble algae we see regularly in our tanks is Valonia ventricosa… All Valonia sp. (only 3 in the genus) are single-celled, multinucleate (each cell contains multiple nuclei) organisms and contrary to what is often said, none of them produces or contain spores. As they are single cells (one of the largest on earth), any […]
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