How do you pack and ship Coral and Marine Animals?

October 8, 2022

We have years of experience shipping Australian Coral to local customers and those interstate and international as well. At Salty Pets we ship coral and marine animals with the utmost care. We take pride in our packing of live Australian marine animals with specialty measures that ensure the highest level of quality and care for every piece and specimen.

Your new live fish, live coral or live invertebrate animals are individually packed into a custom made bag. We pack your new coral with a general rule of 1/3 water and 2/3 oxygen. This combination ensures your new marine selection has optimal conditions for transport with temperatures during shipping remaining as close to optimal as possible.

Our highly skilled staff members scrutinise bags for leaks, possible defects and anything that may compromise the integrity of the bag. We carefully check each shipping bag to avoid loss of water or oxygen during transit.

For select marine species and long-distance coral transport, we add activated carbon to the water. This helps to aid filtration, Activated carbon is known to help remove general contaminants and limit the build-up of toxins that corals may emit especially under stressed conditions such as during transport via road or air.

Your new Australian sourced marine animals are then placed into an airline approved styro-foam container lined with a water-absorbent pad and a 100-micron liner. The Styro-foam containers help regulate temperature and provide a level of shock absorption for each piece, while the liners help contain leaks in the unlikely event that they occur during shipping.

For destinations with a longer transit time or colder/warmer temperatures, we will place the styro-foam container in a cardboard exterior for additional insulation.

Salty Pets is the Australian Coral harvesting and exporting exports. we have a reputation for zero DOA’s and focus a large amount of our time on packaging to ensure our well-established reputation is upheld.

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