Sustainable Harvesting

October 8, 2022

Salty Pets is a wholesaler of live coral and live fish from the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia! We ship around the globe.

Where does our product go?

Salty Pets’ customers are global. We export to the United States of America, Canada, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, throughout Asia and Europe as well as domestically around Australia. As we are a wholesale company, when we export our product, we export to wholesalers who in turn will supply local public aquariums and local retail aquarium stores. In Australia, as a wholesaler, we will supply retail aquarium stores and other wholesalers throughout the country.

Sustainability and Environment

We are members of Pro-vision Reef, which is an association of licenced aquarium fish and coral collectors. “Our mission is to engender community and market confidence in our industry through demonstration of, and commitment to, the highest standards of operational efficiency and environmental performance”. The marine species that we harvest are collected in accordance with the management of the Queensland Marine Aquarium Fish Fishery, The Queensland Coral Fishery and the Coral Sea Fishery. When we harvest corals, we are very aware of our surroundings so that neighbouring corals are not damaged in the collection process. We never overfish an area as we are mindful of the future. With our love of corals and with sustainability always in our thoughts, we only collect what we know we can sell therefore eliminating any possibility of by-catch.

Our Facility/Capacity

Over the past eight years, we have continuously expanded our facility which now enables us to hold over 5000 individual animals across eight separate systems. Each system has a capacity of approximately 8000 litres with this volume circulating through the filtration process up to five times an hour. Having these separate systems allows for any infection or contamination to be contained and easily treated. All of our systems utilize the latest technology in LED lighting to ensure the animals have a light colour spectrum as close to natural sunlight as possible which promotes growth and colour. These lights also increase the growth rate and survival of frags after the fragmentation process has taken place.

Our packing station, with the use of an air-powered clipping machine, allows us to oxygen and seal individuals in their bag every five seconds. Saving time throughout the packaging process eliminates the overall amount of time an individual spends in the bag. This process is fundamental to our reputation of zero deaths upon arrival

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