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March 14, 2020

Parker's Reef, the go-to YouTube channel for all things saltwater aquariums, recently took their viewers on a journey to Salty Pets in Queensland, Australia. The video showcased the beauty and rarity of Salty Pets' corals, leaving Parker in awe.

Parker and Zack from Parkers Reef arrived at Salty Pets, where they were greeted by the busy packing team, Heath and Heather. Despite being busy, they let the crew in, and the tour got underway.

Inside the Coral Vault with Parkers Reef

Salty Pets Wholesale tanks in Brisbane

The team took a tour of the "vault," where Salty Pets keeps some of their favourite pieces. Parker's attention was immediately drawn to the range of fungi, crocodile Scully, and Chellis. The Australian corals were vibrant and colourful, and the footage showed the range of colours that Salty Pets' extreme blue lights bring out.

Exploring the Rarity and Value of These Exquisite Specimens!"

Salty Pets had some beautiful and rare specimens, including trekkie philias, logos, and the black elegance coral, which has bright gold tips. The utter chaos and sunny days zoas were glowing under Salty Pets' blue lights, and the blue Fluffies were a sight to behold. Parker admired the bright pink and rainbow-colored corals and then moved on to the euphyllia garden, where he saw gold torches that were off the charts in terms of beauty and demand.

Parkers Reef tours the Vault with Heather and Heath

The Parkers Reef tour provided a glimpse into the beautiful and colourful world of Salty Pets' corals and Salty Pets were really happy to have Parker and his team visit. .

The range of colours and patterns showcased in the video was breath-taking, leaving viewers wanting to see more. As Parker admired the corals, he couldn't help but think about the cost of a handful of them. Salty Pets had super rare specimens that are hard to come by in Australia, making them even more valuable. It's no wonder that Heath from Salty Pets said that they couldn't get enough of some of these beautiful corals, they truly are a sight to behold.

Diving into Salty Pets' Expanded Display Tank and Exquisite Corals at Restock in Sydney!

Beautiful and rare specimens of Australian Coral in the tanks at salty pets

Last year, Salty Pets made waves, and this year they have doubled their display tank size. Parker is excited to see what an Australian collector has to offer. He said Salty Pets could easily grab their premium corals and export them overseas to the international market, which is more willing to pay for them. But even though Salty Pets are Australian coral exporters, they have a level of respect for the domestic market, and they want to show what kind of corals they have and share it with the Reef building community.

Reef stock in Sydney is going to be an opportunity for us to see and get our hands on some of these corals that would normally be sent overseas to some high rollers.

Parkers Reef,Australian Coral,Australian Coral wholesalers

Reef Stock is an annual event hosted by Reef Builders in different cities around the world, including Australia. It is a premier conference and expo that brings together industry experts, coral vendors, aquarium professionals, and hobbyists to showcase the latest products, technologies, and trends in the reef and marine aquarium hobby. Salty Pets will be attending as a premium Australian Coral wholesalers.

Parker wants to save up for reef sock and bring at least ten of these pieces home. You can be sure Salty Pets is going to bring their A-game to restock in Sydney and show off their best of the best.

A Salty Pets' Secret to Quality Corals and Thriving Reefs: Growing Their Own Phyto

After seeing Salty Pets' phyto setup, Parker is inspired to get onto it as well. He has six tanks at home, and adding some life to them with phyto wouldn't be a bad idea. Salty Pets' commitment to growing their own phyto is just another example of their commitment to quality and excellence.

Salty Pets grows their own with a big phyto reactor in their coral wholesale facility They believe that phyto is the building blocks of all corals and the reef, and it's clear that it's working for them.

Salty Pets' commitment to quality and excellence is evident in all aspects of their business. They not only offer vibrant and exquisite corals but also grow their own phyto and will be at this years Reefstock. This dedication to growing their own phyto is just another example of their commitment to providing the best quality products possible. From their corals to their phyto, Salty Pets is dedicated to excellence.

Check out the video on Youtube here

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